Member Spotlight: Constituting America

Member Spotlight: Constituting America

Posted on May. 29, 2020

Book A Constitution Presentation – Constituting America’s target is to educate learners about the U.S. Constitution and the rights and liberties it provides. By presenting a live or virtual classroom presentation free of charge, our staff engages students in learning about the U.S. Constitution. Grades from 4-12 are instructed how to use their “Constitution Toolbox” to make a difference in their community and nation.

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LIVE Virtual Constitution Day Program– From 11am to 4 pm Eastern on Thursday, September 17 we will have engaging, inspiring and educational live programming all day long that your classroom or “learning from home” student can tap into at any point during the day. Schedule forthcoming, but will feature our We The Future Contest winners in nine 25 minute sessions such as: Elementary School Constitution Arts & Crafts and a reading of the new book Camilla Can Vote; Music and Constitution songwriting session; Constitution & STEM Session; How to Craft Your Own Petition using the First Amendment; How To Have A Civil Civic Conversation and more!

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