We are a cross-ideological coalition of over 40 organizations with a mission to improve civic education in Texas.

We will succeed because ours is the first coalition to bring together key local stakeholders from across the state of Texas.

Our network of educators, non-profits, community organizations, museums, and citizens are working to improve civic education throughout the state of Texas. We are coordinating our efforts directly with state legislators from both parties, the Governor, Lt. Governor, Commissioner of Education, TEA, and Texas Supreme Court. This unprecedented collaboration promises to make Texas a national leader in the field of civic education.

The goals of the coalition are to (1) pass comprehensive K-12 civic education legislation; (2) provide fully funded statewide teacher professional development; (3) TEKS enhancements; (4) school and student civic education recognition programs.

“The practice of democracy is not passed down through the gene pool. It must be taught and learned anew by each generation of citizens.”

-Justice Sandra Day O’Connor